Plexiglas, Perspex, Vedril, Setacril, Vitroflex, are the most common names used for polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA), plastic material, ethyl ester methacrylate polymers of methacrylic acid. This material is transparent like glass, it is made of sheets of different size and thickness, with sandblasted, polished, matted, double sanded, embossed, frosted finishing; colours can vary from classic polished brilliant, opaline, transparent to the most recent fluorescent ones.
These are sheets with several included parts, gold dust, silver powder, copper powder and niche products manufactured on customer's request as well. Sheets are matched to different coloured layers, thicknesses enable to offer impressive objects and design exclusivity. Bars, transparent and coloured discs, different shaped sections, hexagonal, half-round and triangular, of different sizes and with a wide range of colours.


Forex, Simopor, Palight, Foamalu, Komacel are the most common names used for expanded PVC, manufactured in different densities. Ordinarily, this sheet is white-coloured, but it can be manufactured with brilliant colours (red, yellow, green, blue, grey and black); it was first created as poster designing sheet, then it has been widely used in various sectors, from building to industry. Sheets are manufactured according to different sizes, thicknesses can vary from 1 to 19 mm.


Our sheets have different applications, in mechanical, pharmaceutical and food industry, as well as in the furnishing, nautical, automotive and advertising sector. PVC, expanded PVC, Forex, Simopor, Palight, Foamalu, Komacel, Forex, Simopor, Palight, Foamalu, Komacel, methacrylate, Plexiglas, Perspex, Vedril, Setacril, Vitroflex, polethylene, alveolar polycarbonate, Lexan, Makrolon, Thermoclear, polyzene, PE, PEHD, nylon-6, nylon-66, acetalic, POM, Pom-C, PP, polypropylene, Teflon, PTFE, filled nylons, filled acetalics sheets. We supply sheets made of all these products; according to product type, sizes vary from 860 x 2000, 1250 x 2050, 1500 x 300, 2030 x 3050, 2050 x 6000, to 2100 x 6000 mm; bar and disc lengths vary from 1000, 2000, to 3000 mm.

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