Professional skills complete the background of a successful entrepreneur. Bussetti & Mazza no doubt experienced this privileged situation. Nevertheless, personal values and features are not enough, in order to survive consolidated managerial skills and au jour techniques are needed. The entrepreneur can't be all-knowing, he/she must therefore increase his/her business knowledge to better interact with in-house assistants and advisers. Rigorous problem analysis, identification of weaknesses, sticking points and new opportunities, and profitable choice of consequential strategies are required.

Many are the building blocks tenaciously pursued by Bussetti & Mazza thanks to the fruitful collaboration with skilled designers, technical offices and suppliers for a product range characterized by personal and unique solutions, always with an eye to customer's personal needs. Bussetti & Mazza has therefore followed customers' agreement from the design phase on, in order to improve its solutions for the well-advised rationalisation of the energy used and the cost.


Industrial product aesthetic features, as well as technical, economic and social values, involve experiences taking inspiration from "industrial design". By now, "industrial design" is a subject entailing not only a technical and aesthetic act of design but the whole process, from design to production, from sale to consumption.
By reason of all that, Bussetti & Mazza looked after ideal fruitful synergies with the designers working with customers, acting as skilled designers in this field.

On the grounds of this alliance, Bussetti & Mazza has put in place a product range whose aesthetic pleasantness is the compulsory parameter and leitmotif of a long and comprehensive productive course. The aesthetic features of these products, at times, take on the gracefulness of a feminine touch, when looking for shape and colours, for a strong and meaningful feminine presence in Bussetti & Mazza's team. Everything is intentionally made to focus on components usually forgotten or left aside.


Design espouses the notion of process to broaden its meaning well beyond the programming stage. Subsequently, the creative moment, together with the implementation one, follows dynamically, without continuous progress. Within this process, Bussetti & Mazza serves as a "trade union", that is on the one hand it takes into account customer's and on the other hand mould manufacturer's needs.

In piece act of design Bussetti & Mazza puts in place its skill to achieve various aspects, from project unavoidable cost-performance, subject to customer's mandatory aesthetic and functional needs, up to manufacturer's needs and material particular features. At times, the role of link enables to cover the whole project as well as to migrate from the creative act to piece final accomplishment, including at this step finishing and adjustments necessary to its industrialization or special elements approach.


By now, prototype implementing phase is a branch of technology, therefore all templates are built in actual proportions in order to test the performances; it can be changed and doomed to be, most often, the first in series production. They are the so-called conceptual models, which become decisive instruments when determining an assumed solution before irreversibility.

Namely, these prototypes largely reflect piece physical-mechanical features, since dimensional ones are an investment enabling, in case of innovative projects, to considerably decrease the overall costs for required equipment fulfilment. For these reasons, from time to time Bussetti & Mazza suggests the prototype implementation technology which is more appropriate to the highest needs.


Bussetti & Mazza previous experiences, with regards to mould design, and supplier active cooperation enable the company to support and help customers in defining and organically developing mould project stage by means of advanced programmes. We deal with the quick realization of customer's embryonic ideas, with any necessary adjustments. This phase is very important in consideration of future moulded part reduction in costs.


Bussetti & Mazza customers usually ask for collaboration from analysis and design on. This enables the company to choose a continuous strategy including test phases, as a prelude to mould final put in place. In this regard, customer's effective partnership is desirable, for result satisfaction.

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