The experience of the company has permitted us to acquire a broad technical knowledge so as to enable us to expand in multiple fields and to transfer our experiences from one sector to another. The relationship established with customers is not the classical one of the pure supplier, we are the external partner who takes care of real customer problems. In this way we have created original and innovative shapes, promises of modern design, not only useful items but also beautiful to be watched and to be exposed.


Our company using several machines in order to produce panels to size which includes: vertical panel saw , work centers with plans Dim / mm. 1560x3000 and Dim. / Mm. 2050x4060 with stroke 400 mm in Z , laser cut with power from 500Watts and 1000 Watts with worktops Dim./mm.1250x2000 , and Dim. / mm. 2000x 3000.
We can bend plates with maximum length of 3000 mm , and thermoform large slabs , making use of an oven-sized mm. 2000 x 3000. An holder CAD -CAM allows us to design and create objects in 3D, using the maximum trade sizes with an height of Z mm. 180.
We have agreements with drivers for deliveries all over the country..


We start from a general analysis of the particular in order to to identify the product more suitable with the Thermal, Mechanical, Physical and Chemical characteristics.
Then we have to understand which kind of layout graphic you need using the right colour and workability to achieve the result and finally to proceed with the product realization.
This phase requires considerable organizational effort and a deep knowledge of polymers and their properties.
These are our strengths allowing us to make targeted responses and taking account of two factors: price and quality.

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