Industrial product aesthetic features, as well as technical, economic and social values, involve experiences taking inspiration from "industrial design".

By now, "industrial design" is a subject entailing not only a technical and aesthetic act of design but the whole process, from design to production, from sale to consumption.

By reason of all that, Bussetti & Mazza looked after ideal fruitful synergies with the designers working with customers, acting as skilled designers in this field.

In the grounds of this alliance, Bussetti & Mazza has put in place a product range whose aesthetic pleasantness is the compulsory parameter and leitmotif of a long and comprehensive productive course.

The aesthetic features of these products take on at times the gracefulness of a feminine touch, when looking for shape and colours, for a strong and meaningful feminine presence in Bussetti & Mazza's team. Everything is intentionally made to focus on components usually forgotten or left aside.

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